Experts Speak

Experts Speak

The way forward

(Mr Stanley Kunjippalu, Senior Partner, Korah & Korah)

Since December 2019, all that we believed in has taken a tumble. The way forward is not very clear to many. It is indeed time for frank introspection on what is it that was perceived as our goals. What was our vision for the future? What was our mission in life? Both personal and professional. Having done that, we need to sit back and try to understand where is it that we, as a community went wrong. Could we have done what we did any differently? Would we have been in a situation different from that where we find ourselves today, if as a community, we had done things differently? Our mindset has to evolve to visualise and meet the challenges of the future. And for that to happen, it is incumbent on all of us as individuals, as a group, as a community, to creatively visualise what will be the best for all in terms of how we conduct ourselves, how we contribute to the group we belong to and how the groups come together to take the community forward.

We at Korah & Korah believe this to be true. We understand the need to ensure that all those who are with us will need to adapt to the new reality. That they will need to visualise the way forward in the “new environment that is evolving”. We believe that it is our responsibility to assist those connected to us in creating this vision for each of them.

Businesses need to think afresh as to what their “Vision – Mission – Goal” statements are in the changed environment. Some will adapt; many will need to change; a few will slowly die out. New business models will evolve, many a business plan will need to be recreated, visualised afresh and mindsets will have to change certainly. We at Korah & Korah, are therefore working towards ensuring new solutions to our clients, equipping our teams with the know-how required to meet the challenges of the future, to work in virtual environments, to support our clients and associates in their endeavour to meet the challenges of change.

The world around us has changed in the past six months. How it will evolve in the future is rather challenging to comprehend. But what is certain is that most definitely, our attitude to life will need to change. And change big time. Virtual reality is here to stay. The concept of working from home, spending quality time with family, the pattern of consumption of goods and services, purchasing habits are all in the change mode. We need to adapt to this reality and focus ourselves towards this way of life.

With the emphasis on efficiency of utilisation of resources becoming the rule of the day, with personal and family health and relationships taking pride of place for the good of the community, restoring the environment being of primary concern, it is indeed time that we come together to ensure that our lifestyles change for the benefit of all.

Come, let us together meet the challenges of the times ahead and work together, make our world a better place to be in.