A Game Changer- Goods & Service Tax (GST)

GST aims to make India a single market with common tax rates and procedures and remove the economic barriers, between States, thus paving the way for an integrated economy at the national level. more>>

Our Clients

We offer a wide range of financial and consultancy services to individuals, partnership firms, companies and other entities. Over time, we have acquired experience of servicing diverse industries as follows:
  • 1.Aviation
  • 2.Logistics
  • 3.Adventure Tourism
  • 4.Hospitality
  • 5.Medical Diagnostics
  • 6.Civil Construction
  • 7.Electronics
  • 8.Telecommunication
  • 9.Infrastructure
  • 10.Trading
  • 11.Software
  • 12.Banking and financial services
  • 13.Entertainment
  • 14.Travel
  • 15.Education
  • 16.Insurance
  • 17.Advertising
  • 18.Event Management

Client Reference

Our professional regulations do not allow client names to be displayed on the website. We can provide names and references of clients only on request and after obtaining client's clearance to avoid any breach of confidentiality.